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New York Yankees

Aura & Mystique

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maintainers/moderators: theyankeeswin and shorty1029 and pinstripepirate
Just a few things to say.
1. First of all, no 'Yankees suck' posts. This is a Yankee community, and you will be banned if you do so. Go find a community for your own team.

2. Go ahead, BASH BOSTON!!! The Mets, the Diamondbacks, you know, the list goes on. This community will be a dictatorship and we say no posting anti anti-boston posts. If you think its annoying, don't read it, or leave. However, there's a limit to this. DON'T BE IMMATURE.

3. Don't advertise without permission. We don't need our friends pages spammed, and neither do the rest of the members. Posts advertising without permission will be deleted.

4. Feel free to post icons/graphics/wallpapers/colorbars/WHATEVER. Just PLEASE use an LJ cut if it's a large image.

OPEN MEMBERSHIP AGAIN. So everyone can stop posting in my personal journal. If this continues, I'll start banning people. Please don't make this community a liablity.