charlie foxtrot (airstretch) wrote in bronx_bombers,
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Today is the 7 year anniversary of David Cone's perfect game! I can't believe it's been that long. David Cone is my number 1 all time favorite player. Having seen him come close a time or two before it was pretty sweet (and unbelievable) to watch him go out there and set down 27 in a row.

This guy was a big-time money pitcher who could always be counted on in a big spot, not to mention a standup guy. Watching him pitch for the Yankees was such a joy and a privilege. The kind of player and pitcher he was, is a dying breed, there aren't many guys like him left. Big time arm, without the big mouth (Schilling) or shitty attitude (Randy Johnson); yet still colorful enough in his own special way.

No other pitcher in pinstripes will ever do #36 justice.

I read recently he and his wife had their first child, a boy. Hopefully he's enjoying retirement and might even come back to YES one day and save us from Al Leiter and Jim Kaat.
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